The best news for an unforgettable summer


Every Friday in the summer enjoy a luxury afternoon with our fantastic #AfterworkOnTheBeach! A table in front of the beach, friends and our incredible Happy Hour from 5 pm to 7 pm with cocktails and mojitos 2 x 1... Does i sounds good, right?


Get in touch with us and book your table and enjoy an incredible meal and you!  


Would you like to enjoy a more relaxing and exclusive package? Enjoy a memorable day on the Balinese of Samsara Beach Club. Our fabulous pack #BalinesaOnTheRocks offers you our amazing Balinese beach bed, a bottle of champagne and the best fruit to enjoy your best summer with the best company.

A true luxury that you can't miss for only €35! 


Are you a real fan of hamburgers and your favorite summer's cocktail is the GinTonic?

If the answer is yes you can not miss our fabulous menu #BurgerLovesGin that includes our delicious Samsara Angus Burger 220g, caramelized onions, foie and spicy potatoes, accompanied by a delicious Gin Tonic! And everything for only €19!


* Menu only available from Monday to Friday.